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Diffusers classic



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Combine an enlighted perfume with a classy design!

Diffuseurs classic 200 ml from Izaio home fragrances. The diffusers classic are available in 5 fragrances:

  • MACAW GREEN (THE FLORIST) Top note: Fig Tree Leafs; Middle note: Cutted Grasses, Bamboo; Base note: Cedar Wood
  • FLAME ORANGE (CYPRESS AND INCENSE) Top note: Cypress; Middle note: Cedar & Patchouli; Base note: Pine Balsam
  • OPAL GREY (VETIVER & GRAPEFRUIT) Top note: Bergamot Orange; Middle note: Green Leaves, Rhubarb; Base note: White Musk
  • LAVA GREY Fragrance AMBRE-VANILLE which opens on a note of citrus fruit (mandarin) and disappears in a blend of spices and flowers (jasmine, rose and ylang).
  • PURE WHITE (FIG TREE) Top note: Fig Leaves; Middle note: Coconut, Fig; Base note: Almond Milk

Brand: Izaio fragrance

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