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XLBoom Floating box 28x35.5 cheuk wood

XLBoom Floating box 28x35.5 cheuk wood

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With the Floating Box 28x35.5 cheuk wood from XLBoom you get a very nice ‘window effect’, especially when your photo isn’t as big as the inside frame. This picture frame is made of cheuk wood and is entirely handmade. To put a picture in the frame you have to push out the little bar on the bottom of the framework, take out the glass plates and place the photo in between. Although this frame looks at its best with square pictures, you can also put other kinds in there. The Floating Box can stand both portrait and landscape, whatever fits your favourite picture the best.

Material: cheuk wood

Dimensions: H 37 cm x W 29 cm x D 5 cm (picture size: 11 x 14 inch or 28 x 35.5 cm)

Brand: XLBoom

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