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Austria: delivery terms 3-6 days!

Belgium: delivery terms 1-2 days! Free delivery from 100€!

Croatia: delivery terms 6-10 days!

Denmark: delivery terms 3-6 days!

Estonia: delivery terms 5-7 days!

Finland: delivery terms 5-7 days!

France: delivery terms 2-4 days!

Germany: delivery terms 2-4 days! 

Greece: delivery terms 3-6 days!

Ireland: delivery terms 6-10 days!

Italy: delivery terms 3-6 days!

Lithuania: delivery terms 4-7 days!

Luxembourg: delivery terms 2-4 days!

Monaco: delivery terms 3-6 days!

Netherlandsdelivery terms 1-2 days! Free delivery from 130 €!

Norway: delivery terms 5-8 days!

Poland: delivery terms 5-8 days!

Portugal: delivery terms 4-7 days!

Spain: delivery terms 6-8 days!

Switzerland: delivery terms 5-8 days!

Sweden: delivery terms 4-7 days!

UK: delivery terms 2-5 days!

Other countries: *

United States: delivery terms 5-10 days! 

South Korea: delivery terms 3-10 days! 

Australia: delivery terms: 7-10 days!

Bahrein: delivey terms: 6-10 days!

Japan: delivery terms 3-10 days! 

Other coutries: please contact us by email to get more information!

* Please note we don't deliver furniture and lighting to these countries

If you have any questions please contact us by email or by phone +32477739306

When a product is not in stock, you can find the delivery information on each product page!

Please note there can always be a delay on the delivery due to circumstances such as holiday, strikes,..