Delivery information

Here you can find the delivery information for your country: 

Delivery terms Europe (products in stock)

Austria: 4-7 working days! 
Belgium: 1-3 working days! Free delivery from 125€! Under 125 € there is a delivery cost of 7 € for delivery at a Bpost point and home or office delivery you pay 8 €)
Denmark: 3-6 working days!
France: 3-7 working days!
Germany: 2-4 working days! 
Ireland: 6-8 working days! 
Italy: Due to Corona there is no delivery to Italy for the moment!
Luxembourg: 2-4 working days!
Netherlands: 3-5 working days!Free delivery from 150 €! Under 150 € there is a delivery cost of 15 €) Due to Corona there is a delay in delivery
Portugal: 4-7 working days! 
Spain: 6-8 working days! 
UK: 6-8 working days!
Sweden: 4-6 working days! 
  • Please note we are not responsible for errors in the data provided by our customers that could that could complicate or obstruct the delivery of the parcel

Delivery terms other countries outside Europe: products in stock) When a product is not in stock, you can find the delivery information on each product page! We only deliver the Brand Volta Mobiles outside Europe for the moment! 

United States: 4-8 working days! 
South Korea: 6-8 working days! 

If you have any questions please contact us by email 

Please note there can always be a delay on the delivery due to circumstances such as holiday, strikes,..