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Vitra Magnet Dots bright, The organic contours of the Magnet Dots recall the form of pebble stones. Coated with a layer of robust plastic, the small yet strong magnets can be used to fasten notes or papers to the wall. With their vivid colours and unusual shape, these eye-catchers brighten both homes and o ces and can also serve as purely decorative elements. The Magnet Dots are available in four different colour setsConsisting of five magnets, each set contains different shades of one colour family: red, green, light or dark. The colour combinations were carefully de ned by Hella Jongerius to create a harmonious range of tones. Magnet: inset ferrite magnet. One magnet can hold up to 5 sheets of paper (DIN A4). Package contents: 5 Magnet Dots per set.

Material: Dots: dyed-through polypropylene. ferrite magnet. One magnet can hold up to 5 sheets of paper (DIN A4).

Dimensions: ⌀ 3.75 cm

Brand: Vitra

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