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Presse citron black magnets set

Presse citron black magnets set

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The Pressé Citron black magnets, known as M4 magnets, are versatile and convenient as they can easily be attached to any metal surface. They can also serve as stylish frames for your favorite photos, with a special affinity for adorning refrigerators. This pack includes four magnets of varying sizes, providing options for displaying different pictures and creating an attractive aesthetic.

    • Large magnet dimensions: 15.6×11.2cm (1 pcs.)
    • Medium magnet dimensions: 11.6×7.6cm (1 pcs.)
    • Small magnet dimensions: 5.5×5.5cm (1 pcs.)
    • Small magnet dimensions: 3 x 3 cm (1 pcs.)

      Materials: Magnetic rubber

      Brand: Presse Citron

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