Terms and Conditions

  • These conditions apply to all orders. Every order implies the explicit acceptance of these sales conditions.
  • In accordance with the law of 30 december 2013 on Book VI of the code economic law "market practices and consumer protection", the customer has the right to, within 14 calendar days after receipt of the product, to notify the seller that he wants to give up his purchase, without have to pay damages, and without a reason to give up. This right to cancel does not apply to professional purchasers. In accordance with the law of 30 december 2013 in these cases, the customer may not invoke the right of renunciation: products that are custom made or adapted to the wishes of the customer, or by the nature of the products that perishable products cannot be returned or are, very quickly expired. In the cases mentioned above, the customer can neither return the product, nor a refund requirements. The right of renunciation is only valid to the extent that the product is returned within 7 working days after the customer has informed Decovert.eu that he/she wants to give up his/her purchase. The returned product must be returned in new condition, in its original packaging, in perfect condition and accompanied by the invoice. The sender can be identified which not every return will be refused. Once the 7 days have passed, Decovert.eu is no longer able to accept the return, and the return will be sent back to the sender. The customer must pay the return shipping costs yourself. The refund will be made within 30 days of receipt of the return by Decovert.eu, provided that all the conditions as described above are strictly met. The amount reimbursed will in any case never exceed the amount actually paid by the customer.
  • Complaints or disputes should be made known within 7 days of delivery in writing and sent by registered post under penalty of cancellation. If the complaint is found to be grounded, our liability is limited to the replacement of the goods. Any liability on the part of the seller limits itself to the actual amount paid for the order. For the return policy: click here! 
  • The seller remains owner of all goods until full payment has been made.
  • The seller is not liable for the advice he gives, printing errors on the website or technical data given by the producer or delivery company.
  • Unless mandatory statutory provisions are all agreements to which these terms and conditions apply, as well as all other agreements resulting from them, exclusively governed by Belgian law and shall be decided for the courts of the judicial district of West-Vlaanderen, Department of Bruges.
  • All prizes on the e-shop include Belgian VAT.
  • Decovert.eu does its utmost to ensure that all pricing information on the e-shop is accurate, but cannot guarantee the absolute absence of error. In the event that an error in the price of a product shall occur, Decovert.eu will allow customers the option to confirm the purchase of the Product at the correct price or to cancel the order. If the customer is unable to contact us within 30 days, the order will be treated as canceled.
  • The orders will be dispatched between Monday and Friday, excluding local and national festivities. Decovert.eu is not responsible for unpredictable delays. If no delivery period has been agreed, will Decovert.eu do the necessary effort so that the delivery will be delivered at the latest 30 days after the order date. If a delivery period has been agreed, this delivery period applies.
    If an order is not in accordance with the previous paragraph in the delivery period comes to the delivery address, it is up to the customer to contact Decovert.eu. Decovert.eu is committed in this case to carry out the delivery within a further period that is appropriate having regard to the actual circumstances.
  • In the event that, due to sudden and temporary unavailability of products, Decovert.eu shall be able to delivery the goods, Decovert.eu shall promptly inform the customer, and in any way within thirty (30) days via e-mail. 
  • The products can be returned within 14 days after receiving the order. The articles can’t be returned or refunded in a regular store.
  • Decovert.eu recommends using a courier when returning goods in order to allow the tracking of the shipment. Decovert.eu will not be held responsible for the refund or the compensation of those products that have been lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Decovert.eu uses it’s best endeavors in order to keep the information on the e-shop constantly updated. Decovert.eu can’t guarantee the complete absence of errors on the e-shop. The shop may contain typographical errors, mistakes and inaccuracies relating to the price, availability or details of products.
  • Decovert.eu reserves the right to amend the errors or inaccuracies, even after an order has been submitted and furthermore reserves the right to amend or modify the information on the e-shop at any time without any prior communication.
  • Please note we are not responsible for errors in the data provided by our customers that could that could complicate or obstruct the delivery of the parcel