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Volta mobile Stockholm

Volta mobile Stockholm

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Volta mobile Stockholm

Completely blue, this monochromatic sculpture inspired by the work of Yves Klein will sublimate your interior with an arty touch, while affirming your taste for simplicity. This mobile on foot offers a play of organic shapes, which brings structure and movement to this singular creation.
Mounted on hand-bent steel rods, the blades are made from a high-quality aluminum alloy. Like leaves, they twirl and float with the wind and the air circulation. The steel base gives the whole a great stability.

Your mobile will be delicately packaged in a luxurious blue box, set with our logo marked with gold leaf. A great opportunity to offer a memorable and original object to your loved ones!

Colors: blue

Dimensions: Length 40 x total height 35 cm (height base 25 cm)

Material: steel and aluminium

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